DAM–  It’s a Great Tool!

dm digital+1 has the best DAM (Data Asset Management) solution to provide you with instant access to your data day or night, from anywhere in the world.

DAM Important Facts:

To login to your DAM site requires only a browser-based system – no additional software required. Your username and multi-level password-protected access means your company data is 100% secure.

Your Image Library can be designed to visually meet your branding requirements. It has a user-friendly search engine and supports multiple file formats. And, all your downloads are free!

With DAM, you control your assets in one secure location. Your administrator decides who has access to what assets, and on what level. The system will only store pre-approved assets.

What’s the DAM Advantage?

It’s easier and faster for your Creative department to place low-res images, while high-res images can be made available to suppliers, vendors or colleagues. Teams can work collaboratively and approvals obtained with soft proofing annotations and Note pages. As a job-tracking tool, DAM lets you know where your job is at all times.