Design My Ad • Deliver My Ad • Distribute My Ad

DM Ad offers a full range of software solutions for variable data publishing (VDP) to put your marketing campaigns on autopilot. Create and deliver multi-layered marketing campaigns that intelligently and automatically reach your prospects and customers.

Hassle-free digital or hard copy file delivery, we can organize and manage all your ad deliveries.


Design My AD is dynamic collaborative media-publishing tool that gives you the ability to build any type of variable ad layout you desire. Ad users are able to edit text, images or page layouts directly within the template and can proof them instantly as a pdf.

  • A web browser-based tool that does not require purchasing any additional software. Username and password protected means that your data will be 100% protected and accessible only by you.
  • Utilizing VDP, personalized URLs (or PURLs), targeted emails and SMS texts created with DesignMyAd templates, our clients can exponentially combine their marketing efforts from single-touch to multi-touch easily and effectively.


Deliver My Ad is a fully automated ad delivery service created by dm digital+1 to track and monitor quality control standards for incoming and outgoing ads.

Automated email reporting lets clients know ad arrival and its status in our customized workflow. To save you time and money, Deliver My Ad notifies you whether your ad has passed your own customized pre-flight standards, citing any irregularities.


Distribute My Ad is an effective and customized email blast means putting your ad in customers’ inboxes more affordably, consistently and accurately than regular email. Don’t have a creative file? dm digital +1 will work with you to build customized messaging that reflects your branding and delivers on your advertising strategies.

You’ll like how quick and easy it is to target emails and receive reports on your advertising metrics.