Large Format Digital

Want some funky printing to take out the competition?

No compromises! Superwide productivity and photo-realistic image quality.


This UV printer extends your printing capabilities exponentially by offering a superwide range of applications from exhibition graphics, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, banners, posters, and many other larger scale commercial graphics. Spectacular, eye-popping 10-foot POS displays will pump extra sales into your campaign.

For rigid and roll-to-roll printing, dm digital+1 can provide you with a solution for superior photo-realistic image quality and exceptional productivity. True resolutions of 600 dpi or 1000 dpi delivered via 12pL or 24pL droplets, to ensure the output of high definition prints that will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Print directly to your substrate!

You can eliminate mounting and lamination which increases your options to include flexible or rigid substrates up to 80” wide and up to 2″ thick. Now that’s super!

What have we done! See our solutions.

Affordable and creative. Reach for new clients and these innovative solutions for your present ones.

Bring them to life with bright vibrant messages seen from inside or out. Retail messages or graphic treatments can be applied to a variety of different substrates so keep those creative juices flowing. Worried about blocking your view? Perforated clings allow for messaging to be read from the outside while your view from the inside remains unobstructed.

The ease of use of these portable units are perfect for attending mobile marketing events where a retractable unit can be set up by a single person in under a minute. Vibrant images printed on vinyl or fabric would be perfect for special events, presentations and point of purchase displays.

cat_pull_up_banner curve-top_banner

You want to stand out in that crowded room of exhibitors. Let us help you. From design, to production we will collaborate with you to create a wide range of booth options ranging from single case pop up units to custom built large show exhibits. We can build you an exhibit to fit your budget, and even assist with the set up, tear down and storage, as well as handle your AV needs.


Now that we’ve helped get your clients where you want them. Tell them what you need them know and show them where to go. Colorful, durable and safe, these floor graphics demonstrate one more way to get your message out there.


Whether the end use is inside or out, we have the ability to produce economical banners in virtually any size you might need. A variety of substrates and finishing options allow ensures that you will be getting the right banner for your location.

Everyone loves a good-looking poster. Backlit in malls or transit shelters, POP or window boxes, Glossy, Matte or even on Canvas. It can be a one off, several hundred, or multiple versions. We have the variability you need to get this done economically. From fine art prints to window cling posters we have you covered.

From the window of a Mini Cooper to a 45” bus, we’ve got you covered. Whether it be a total wrap or more subtle vehicle messaging highlights, we know what material will work best and how to get it to stick.


Some of our clients can and want to handle installation themselves. But rest assured if you need our assistance on this our installers are second to none.