We take security very seriously

You can never have too much security or too much back-up.

In our digital networked economy, dm digital+1 knows it’s more important than ever to protect your assets against a firewall breach, minimize business downtime and information loss disasters with a rapid, reliable back-up and recovery system.

dm digital+1 custom-built pdf, JDF and XML Workflow Solution manages your digital and print files. Our hardware firewall system protects your assets from unauthorized remote access, making sure information is accessible only to the right people, at the right time.

Security Protocols

How does dm digital+1 protect you so that you don’t lose competitive advantage?

  • Files are backed up automatically without disruption to your productivity.
  • Data and systems are protected through scheduled or event-driven back -ups.
  • Back-up data tapes are stored off-site to enhance disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Time-consuming manual file recovery processes are replaced with fast, automated methods.
  • Off-site copy functionality enables dm digital+1 to automatically copy recovery points to a remote location by using FTP or to an external hard drive to minimize information loss disasters and maximize file recovery efforts.

Need to know more? Contact our resident tech guru:  john@dmdigital1.com